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NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops

NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops

 (2,582 Reviews)

check_circle Instant, streak-free tanning for a bronze effect

check_circle Lasts up to 11 days

check_circle No "fake tan smell"

check_circle 100% botanical ingredients. Customizable tanning effect.

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NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops

NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops

Regular price $27.99
Regular price $27.99 Sale price $27.96
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Streak Free Self Tan Mousse For an Even,
Natural Bronze Finish Every Single Time
Without The Sticky, Smelly Mess

  • Deep, natural Mediterranean bronze guaranteed
  • Dries in under 1 minute
  • ​Lasts up to 11 Days
  • No ‘Fake Tan Smell’
  • Slow, even fade - just like a real tan
  • 100% botanical ingredients MADE to work with cellulite, stretch marks, dryness, and every other lump and bump on your real babe bod


Real Customers, Real Results: Here’s The Reason Why They LOve Us!

Bondi Sands Self Tan Foaming Water Review Before and After | POPSUGAR  Beauty UK

"I am absolutely in love with NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops! As someone who is always on the go, these drops have made getting a beautiful, natural-looking tan a breeze. I simply add a few drops to my moisturizer and voila! My skin looks like I've been lounging on a tropical beach all day. Plus, the color lasts for days without fading. I am beyond impressed with this product and highly recommend it to anyone who wants a flawless tan without the fuss." - Cynthia., 36, Oregon - 


“I've never been a fan of self-tanners, but NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops have completely changed my mind. The drops are so easy to use and the color is stunning. It's not too dark or too light, just the perfect shade for a natural-looking tan. And the best part is, I can customize the color by adjusting the number of drops I use. I'm officially hooked!" - Hailey., 32, Nevada 

What Makes NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops The Best Choice?

 Get the Gorgeous Glow You've Always Wanted with NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops!

NaturalTan™, the revolutionary self-tanning solution that will give you the perfect sun-kissed glow without ever stepping foot outside. Say goodbye to harsh UV rays and hello to a radiant, natural-looking tan that will turn heads and boost your confidence.


100% Natural Botanicals

Specially formulated with all-natural, vegan ingredients that will nourish and hydrate your skin while giving you a flawless, streak-free tan. No Alcohol and Perfume.Instead we use the skin-loving alternative, glycols, which have the same antimicrobial and preservative benefits of alcohol, but attract and lock in moisture.  The same ingredients found in baby lotions and medical grade moisturizers.Plus 11 all-natural botanicals that plump, smooth, and prep the skin instantly.

Take A Look At Martha’s Incredible Experience with NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops 

Before Use:
I was always hesitant to try self-tanning products because I was afraid of ending up with an unnatural-looking tan or streaky skin. But NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops completely changed my mind! The first thing I noticed was how easy they were to use. I simply added a few drops to my moisturizer and applied it to my skin as I normally would. The drops blended in seamlessly and didn't leave any streaks or orange undertones. I was amazed at how natural and even my tan looked! Now, I feel confident and radiant with my new sun-kissed glow. I'll definitely be using NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops again and again!

After Use:
I can't believe how great my skin looks after using NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops! My friends keep asking me if I just got back from a tropical vacation. The best part is that my tan looks completely natural and not at all like I've used a self-tanner. I love that I can control the intensity of my tan by adjusting the number of drops I use, and the drops are so easy to mix into my moisturizer. Plus, my skin feels incredibly soft and moisturized thanks to the nourishing ingredients like allantoin and vitamin E. I've never felt so confident and glowing, and I'm so glad I discovered NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops!


  1. Exfoliate your skin before application.

  2. Add 2-4 drops to your favorite moisturizer or lotion.

  3. Mix well and apply to your skin.

  4. Wash your hands after application.

  5. Wait 4-6 hours before showering or sweating.

  6. Enjoy your new, natural-looking tan!


  • Net Content: 30 ml
  • Target User: men and women
  • Type: tanning drops
  • For All Skin Types
  • Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Includes

  • NaturalTan™ Self-Tanning Drops 

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