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GreenJu™ Herbal Jelly Soap for Body Detoxing & Slimming

GreenJu™ Herbal Jelly Soap for Body Detoxing & Slimming

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check_circle Quickly removes warts

check_circle Easy to use, targeted treatment

check_circle Promotes skin repair and antiviral

check_circle 100% natural herbal extracts

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Gaining Paw-pularity: GreenJu™ Jelly Soap Triumphs!


In 2022, GreenJu™ Jelly Soap's adorable cat paw shape made it stand out. With body detoxing and slimming properties, it achieved top sales in the USA.

GreenJu™ Soap: Transforming Customers Happily Slimmer!

- Soraya 34, FL, USA
"GreenJu cat paw soap is not your ordinary soap! Its delightful shape puts me in a good mood right away. And guess what? It's been supporting my weight loss journey! Shower time has never been this fun and rewarding."
- Noemi, 39, TX, USA
"Being a busy mom, I was always feeling fatigued and struggled with my weight. Thankfully, I discovered GreenJu soap. It's like a little energy boost in the shower! Plus, I'm starting to see some slimming results. Love it!"
- Mia, 37, NY, USA
"Juggling work and social life left me gaining weight. GreenJu soap has been a savior! It's like a spa treatment at home, and I'm surprised how it's helping me feel more active and lighter."
- Marcella, 24, CA, USA
"GreenJu soap's adorable cat paw shape turns self-care into fun! Now, I feel fantastic as my body gradually slims down. No more worries about weight – it's a daily joy!"

Toxin Buildup: An Underlying Factor in Weight Gain

Our bodies are prone to toxin accumulation due to exposure to pollutants, processed foods, and stress. These toxins disrupt metabolism, leading to imbalances that hinder fat burning and contribute to weight gain.

How Does GreenJu™ Soap Benefit You?

As the GreenJu™ soap is applied to the body, its herbal ingredients work in harmony with the user's pressure and movement, gently stimulating the numerous acupoints spread across the body.

This unique process promotes lymphatic drainage, facilitating the elimination of toxins and aiding in slimming.

Cleanses & Nourishes

GreenJu™ soap gently detoxifies skin, removing impurities while providing essential nutrients for a healthy glow.

Slimming Effect

Natural ingredients promote circulation, reducing puffiness and enhancing skin's appearance for a slimmer look.

Rejuvenates & Tightens

Potent herbal extracts rejuvenate skin cells, boosting elasticity and firmness, resulting in a youthful complexion.


GreenJu™ herbal blend soothes the senses, promoting relaxation and relieving stress as you enjoy a luxurious cleansing experience.

What Makes GreenJu™ Jelly Soap Special?

pH-Balanced Formula

Its optimal pH level of 5.5 maintains the skin's natural barrier, preventing moisture loss and reducing sensitivity.

Deep Penetration

The jelly texture allows 30% higher skin absorption compared to traditional soaps, enabling active ingredients to penetrate up to 3 layers deep, optimizing their efficacy at the cellular level.

Playful Cat Paw Shape

GreenJu™ soap's cat paw shape adds charm, delight, and playfulness, making every cleansing a joyful and unique experience.


Environmentally conscious formula minimizes the impact on nature, using sustainable ingredients and recyclable packaging.

Safe Ingredients

  • Borneol: Acts as a potent detoxifier by enhancing liver function and promoting the elimination of harmful substances from the body.
  • Kudzu Flower: Contain flavonoids that support liver health, aiding in detoxification and reducing the burden on the body's detox systems.
  • Black Pepper: Rich in piperine, which boosts thermogenesis, metabolism, and fat oxidation, facilitating weight loss and detoxification.
  • Olive Oil: Provides essential fatty acids and antioxidants, promoting cellular repair and protecting cells from oxidative stress during the detox process.

Recommended by the Wellness Specialist


- Laura Evans, Wellness Specialist, HealthyLife Solutions, Hungary

“I am thrilled to share my experience with GreenJu™ Cat Paw Jelly Soap. Its cute cat paw shape is irresistible. After using it consistently for 8 weeks, I witnessed remarkable results, with a significant reduction of 11 pounds in body weight. This product is highly effective, and I highly recommend it.”

Weight Gain No More: Linda's GreenJu Jelly Soap Victory!

Week 1: “Consistent weight gain has been my struggle. My favorite jeans were snug, affecting my confidence. Trying GreenJu jelly soap was intriguing. The jelly felt soothing, like a spa day at home.”

Week 6: “Six weeks in, and I've shed 14 pounds! GreenJu's magic is real. My jeans fit better, and I feel lighter. Clothes fit better, and my energy is up. The cat paw jelly soap is a fragrant escape, a moment of tranquility amidst the chaos.”

Week 12: “It's Week 12, and I've lost a total of 23 pounds! But that's not all – I slipped into that elegant black dress. The jelly soap ritual is now a cherished part of my life. GreenJu not only transformed my body but also gave me the confidence to shine.”

Product Specification

  • Product Name: GreenJu™ Cat Paw Herbal Jelly Soap
  • Net Content: 90g
  • Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Key Ingredients: Borneol, Kudzu Flower Extracts, Black Pepper, Olive Oil
  • Functions: Reducing bloating, improving circulation, promoting detoxification, and aiding weight management.


  • How does GreenJu™ work for detoxing and slimming?

The potent herbal blend, combined with gentle acupoint stimulation, aids in lymphatic drainage and toxin elimination.


  • Is GreenJu™ suitable for all skin types?

Yes, GreenJu™ is formulated to be suitable for all skin types.


  • Does GreenJu™ contain any harmful chemicals?

No, GreenJu™ is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic additives.


  • Can I use GreenJu™ on my face as well?

GreenJu™ is primarily designed for body use, but it can be used on the face with caution.


  • How long does a single GreenJu™ soap last?

The soap's longevity depends on usage, but one bar can last for several weeks with regular use.


  • Does GreenJu™ have a fragrance?

Yes, GreenJu™ has a pleasant natural fragrance derived from its herbal ingredients.


  • Is GreenJu™ suitable for sensitive skin?

GreenJu™ is formulated to be gentle on the skin and is suitable for sensitive skin types.


  • Does GreenJu™ contain any artificial colors or dyes?

No, GreenJu™ is free from artificial colors and dyes.


  • Can GreenJu™ help with improving skin texture?

Yes, GreenJu™'s herbal ingredients can promote smoother and healthier-looking skin.

GreenJu™ Herbal Jelly Soap for Body Detoxing & Slimming
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