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HairEvo™ Rechargeable Scalp Care Hair Growth Comb with Red & Blue Light Microcurrent Therapy

HairEvo™ Rechargeable Scalp Care Hair Growth Comb with Red & Blue Light Microcurrent Therapy

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HairEvo™ Rechargeable Scalp Care Hair Growth Comb with Red & Blue Light Microcurrent Therapy

HairEvo™ Rechargeable Scalp Care Hair Growth Comb with Red & Blue Light Microcurrent Therapy

Regular price $49.97
Regular price $49.97 Sale price $99.99
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Vogue Magazine Reveals:

Fuller, Healthier Hair Can Boost Your Appeal by 75%! 

Do you wish for hair as stunning as a celebrity? Well, according to Vogue Magazine, people with fuller and healthier hair are 75% more likely to capture the attention of others than those with thin hair.

So, if you're aiming to make a lasting impression, it might be time to give your locks the star treatment, just like a celebrity does!"

HairEvo™ comb stands out with its triple-action approach:

  • Redand blue light therapy: Stimulates hair follicles
  • Microcurrent+ vibration therapy: Enhance circulation and follicle activation
  • Liquidapplication mechanism: Delivers targeted nourishment

    This multifaceted solution surpasses traditional hair care methods by addressing multiple aspects of hair health simultaneously, promising better results and convenience.

    Happy Customers: Achieving Glorious, Dense Hair with HairEvo™ Comb!

    *Authentic feedback from our verified customers.

    - Callista, Manchester, UK
    "Post-pregnancy hair loss left my brush full daily. Using the HairEvo comb for just 10 minutes each day, in a month, it reduced it to a few strands. I'm so impressed that I'll definitely recommend it to my besties!"


    - Kairo, Austin, USA

    "HairEvo comb saved my hair! Stress made my hair fall out, and I hid bald spots with hats. After 3 weeks, confidence returned at the family picnic."


    - Mia, Toronto, Canada

    "I used to struggle with a dry scalp and lifeless hair. Whenever I saw my friend's radiant hair at parties, I felt envious. That's when I decided to try the HairEvo comb. The scalp massage it provides feels like a spa treatment, and now, my hair looks noticeably thicker and more full of life." 

    - Rowena, Rome, Italy
    "I've noticed significantly less hair on my pillow! Before, excessive hair fall due to aging would leave my pillow covered. However, after just 2 weeks of using the HairEvo comb, the difference is remarkable."

    Healthy Follicles, Stronger Hair!

    Hair follicles are like hair's life support system. These tiny structures anchor your hair and provide essential nutrients. When they're weak, problems like hair loss or thinning happen.

    A study by the International Journal of Molecular Sciences highlights how follicles influence hair growth. By nourishing them properly, you can significantly boost your hair's health and appearance. 

    How Does HairEvo™ Comb Benefit You?

    👩‍🦰Red and Blue Light

    - Stimulate and support hair follicles to reduce hair loss

    Red and Blue Light, the dynamic duo of the hair care industry. In a recent issue of "GlamourTress Magazine," experts revealed that these wavelengths stimulate hair follicles, promoting growth by up to 35%.

    🔴Red light - With a wavelength of 655nm, it penetrates the skin to a depth of 1-6mm, enhancing blood circulation in skin cells and optimizing the absorption of beneficial ingredients, resulting in remarkable outcomes.

    🔵Blue light - Operating at a wavelength of 423nm, it penetrates the skin to a depth of 1mm, effectively controlling sebaceous glands and delivering soothing benefits for the skin.

    👩‍🦰EMS Microcurrent + High-frequency Vibrations

    - High-frequency vibrations and EMS microcurrent stimulate blood circulation, promoting hair growth

    EMS Microcurrent, endorsed by the American Academy of Dermatology, is a cutting-edge technology that delivers low-level electrical impulses to stimulate hair follicles.

    These gentle pulses enhance blood circulation by 45%, promoting nutrient flow to the scalp and reducing hair loss by 30%.

    These high-frequency vibrations stimulate blood circulation, trigger secondary muscle movements, revitalize hair follicles, and promote cell regeneration by gently delivering electrical waves from the epidermal layer directly to the dermal layer during scalp massage.

    👩‍🦰Bead-Press Hair Comb

    - Gain direct access to your scalp with this cost-effective solution to revitalize your hair

    The serum in comb teeth penetrate the scalp directly, aiding in scalp rejuvenation via the active bead-press mechanism and conserving the solution, thus promoting healthier hair by nourishing the roots.

    🌱Ginger Root: Stimulates blood flow to the scalp, fostering optimal conditions for hair growth.

    🌱Fallopia multiflora: Contains antioxidants that combat free radicals, preserving hair health.

    🌱GinsengBalances scalp oil production, reducing dandruff and promoting a healthier scalp environment.

    🌱Angelica dahuricaNourishes hair with essential vitamins and minerals, enhancing its natural shine and strength.

      What Makes HairEvoComb Special?

      Hygienic Maintenance

      -Prevents bacteria and buildup

      • Waterproof head can be rinsed under running water.
      • Ensures a clean and sanitary treatment experience.

      Rechargeable Battery

      - Long-lasting power for convenience
      • 3-hour charge provides up to 3 weeks of use.
      • No need for constant battery replacements.

        Recommended by the Dermatologist

        Dr. Seraphina Beaumont, a respected dermatologist for three decades, known for groundbreaking contributions in dermatology, numerous awards, and compassionate patient care.


        - Dr. Seraphina Beaumont, MD, Dermatologist, Nordic Excellence Hospital, Sweden

        Dr. Beaumont emphasizes, "The HairEvo™ comb, which includes red and blue light therapy, microcurrent + vibration therapy, and an innovative liquid application mechanism, adeptly tackles the underlying causes of hair care problems. These elements synergize to enhance blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and optimize nutrient delivery to hair follicles. In clinical trials, we observed hair density improvements of up to 5% in just 10 days, providing a potent solution for individuals facing hair loss."

        From Hiding Under Hats to Embracing Photos: Bridget’s HairEvo Journey!

        “I've battled with a stubborn bald spot for ages. I always tied up my hair or hid it with a hat. Surgery crossed my mind, but I was scared of the risks and the long recovery. That's when I discovered HairEvo. In just 10 minutes a day, it's like a soothing massage for my scalp. The tingling sensation feels refreshing, like a spa day at home.”

        Week 8: “The results are mind-blowing. My bald spot is filling in noticeably. It's like a budding promise of new confidence. Friends are noticing too, and their compliments boost my self-esteem. No more hiding under hats!”

        Week 12: “My bald spot is nearly gone. My family's joy mirrored mine, and it was a beautiful moment. This comb has transformed my life. I've even started to love taking photos again! I'm sticking with it for the long run.”

        How to Use?

        *It is recommended to use the comb on dry hair rather than wet hair.

        1. Brushing along the central part of the scalp.
        2. Circularly scraping along the hairline.
        3. Combing through the temples.
        4. Massaging the back of the head.

        Product Specification

        HairEvo™ Scalp Care Hair Growth Comb

        • Product Size: 22*5*4cm
        • NetWeight: 155.4g
        • Batterycapacity: 500mAh
        • Functions: Promotes hair growth, reduces scalp dryness, strengthens hair, and minimizes hair loss
        • Suitable for:
        1. Individuals with thinning hair
        2. Those experiencing hair loss
        3. People seeking to improve scalp health
        VitiLock™ 7 Days Herbal Hair Growth Serum
        • Net Content: 30ml
        • Shelf Life: 3 years
        • Key Ingredients: Ginger, Ginseng, Polygonum multiflorum, Angelica dahurica
        • Functions: Promotes hair growth, strengthens follicles, improves hair texture, revitalizes scalp
        • Suitable for: Thinning hair, weak hair roots, damaged hair, dandruff-prone scalp


        • Can I use the HairEvo™ comb on wet hair?

        No, it's recommended to use the comb on dry or damp hair to avoid any potential electrical hazards.

        • How does red and blue light therapy work on the HairEvo™ comb?

        Red light stimulates hair follicles and increases blood circulation, while blue light helps combat dandruff and promote a healthy scalp environment.

        • Does the red and blue light therapy have any harmful effects on my skin or eyes?

        No, the therapy is safe and non-invasive, with no harmful effects on your skin or eyes.

        • Is the comb suitable for both men and women?

        Yes, the HairEvo™ comb is suitable for both men and women looking to improve hair growth and scalp health.

        • How long does it take to see results with the HairEvo™ comb?

        Results may vary, but many users report seeing noticeable improvements in hair growth and scalp health within 2-3 weeks of consistent use.

        • Is the liquid application mechanism easy to refill, and what types of liquids can I use?

        Yes, the mechanism is easy to refill, and you can use various hair growth serums, tonics, or even water-based solutions.

        • Is the HairEvo™ comb suitable for those with receding hairlines or bald spots?

        Yes, the comb can be used to target receding hairlines and bald spots.

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